Iowa Straw Poll results are in! Michele Bachmann wins!

Herman gets serious about defending his integrity and hires the meanest dog in the legal junkyard, L Lin Wood. Watch this video and you’ll get a hint as to what’s coming for the accusers…

Here they are:

Michele Bachmann with 4,823 votes
Ron Paul with approximately 4,671 votes
Tim Pawlenty with 2,293 votes
Rick Santorum with 1,653 votes
Herman Cain with 1,456 votes
Rick Perry had 712 write-in votes
Mitt Romney with 567 votes
Newt Gingrich with 385 votes
Jon Huntsman had 69 votes.
Thad McCotter had 35 votes.

Congrats to Michele Bachmann…and shocking that Rick Perry racked up 712 write-in votes, but Sarah Palin had none.

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