Panasonic ESLV81 K is a Fabulous Electric Shaver


This is one is going to be the most costly electric razor I have ever before used. Is this the right shaver? I’m unsure, however it does provide me the most effective shave I have actually ever had.

I initially made use of the shaver completely dry. It offered a close cut with minor irritation. The cut was much better compared to a 4-blade razor blade and somewhat better compared to my old Braun series 3 shaver.

The next day I tried using Panasonic ES-LV81 for wet shaving with some shaving gel. You can also do this with Braun series 3. The result is Wow! Not only did it offer me the closest cut ever, it did it without any razor burn and skin irritation. This is even better than a professional shave, though it’s been I while I visited for professional shave.

The shaver uses 5 blade cutting system for the smooth and close save. My Panasonic ES-LV81 K Arc 5 Blade Review won’t include every tech details. And for more details you can visit this page:

Next I tried the shaver in the bath. This also caused a close shave, but I had difficulty making certain I didn’t miss out on any sort of areas given that I don’t have a mirror in my bath. I needed to do it by feel and I didn’t do as pretty good a job as I had corrected sink.

The cleansing cartridges appear to consist of merely soap. You offer your own water for the cleansing storage tank. The cartridges are not that pricey (cheaper than the Braun Clean and Renew tanks) and they don’t have alcoholic beverages. The alcohol containing Braun containers could possibly not be delivered airmail due to the fact that of the alcoholic beverages.

The cleansing system seems to function well, but I wash mine manually very first to acquire off the cutting lotion. This creates repetitive cleaning. You could set the device to merely dry and not use the cleansing cycle, but I haven’t done this yet. This I guess is not much of a difference with other leading shavers. If you like more information about other top shavers click here.

To recap, this is definitely a fabulous electric razor, yet it is expensive. If you don’t mind the price tag it surely a winner.

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