Which is the Best Kindle Device – Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Fire


Are you planning to buy a Kindle device and hell confused like me? I’m not too much a gadget guy but Kindle advertisement and people all around me seems to own it. So I thought I might as well see if I can find a deal. I wanted to read books, play games and surf internet with it just like the iPad 2 which I own.

To start off, I started reading Kindle Vs Kindle Paperwhite Review, and I also read review on Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and the other versions of Kindle Fire HD. Finally! I was really confused and feared I might just end up with the wrong device for my preferences.

Know Your Preferences to choose the right Kindle Device

I read a good review for Kindle at and they rightly said the first important step is to pick your Kindle is to know your preferences. What do you want to do with your Kindle device? Is it primarily for reading books? If so, you might as well pick kindle or Kindle Paperwhite which is a dedicated e-reader for reading books in greyscale. They work on Electronic Ink technology for its display. You won’t get eyestrain or glare reading outdoor, even in the direct sunlight. It is very light and portable. If you are wondering, the primary difference between Kindle Paperwhite Vs. Kindle is the absence of touch screen feature with Kindle. It is a very basic model.

Now, if you want to read books, play video, chat with friends online or surf internet like me your choice should be Kindle Fire HD, the one with 8.9 inch screen. This is a great device to watch high definition videos and movies on the go. But the down side is the battery life compared to the dedicated e-reader Kindle. Like any LCD devices you can only expect about 5 – 7 hours of battery life. With the Kindle or Paperwhite 2013 you get 2 months of battery life based on half an hour of every day reading.

Which Kindle – 3G or Wi-Fi only?

If you like the convenience of internet access just like the one on your mobile phone than the best option is 3G or 3rd Generation. You can download any content on your Kindle on the go without the worry for Wi-Fi hotspots. If you travel a lot of if you don’t have easy access to Wi-Fi hotspots it makes sense to go for 3G. Moreover, you are not paying for any monthly fees for the 3G service. Amazon take cares of it!

Hope you find your right Kindle device if you are planning to buy one soon. Kindle are becoming very popular and they are very reliable too. So, there is very little chance to go wrong on buying any kindle devices. Just make sure that you know your preferences well before picking your Kindle.

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